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Paper Rose Co. Paperversary Gifts


Mark your first (or any) Wedding Anniversary with a one-of-a-kind gift that will last a lifetime. 

Why Paper Rose Co.?

I often think about recreating my wedding bouquet—with all the time (and money!) spent fine-tuning the details—it's a shame I only got to enjoy it for a few hours. So when a friend contacted me about recreating her bouquet and mentioned the paper anniversary—everything clicked! Obviously, I'm not the only person in the world who wished they could have held onto this key memento of the day—and what a perfect occasion to bring it back to life! 

And hence began my foray into the world of Paperversary Bouquets! Since sharing that first official paper anniversary project, I've been steadily helping couples celebrate, and I can easily say these are some of my favorite projects. Given the increasing number of requests, I thought I'd make this process a little easier on everyone by separating it out from my other custom orders. 

How does it work?

  • First, fill out this quote request form (right here on this page). After I receive your request I'll ask you to send me a photo (or more if you have them) of the bouquet or wedding flowers you want to recreate.
  • Using the information you've provided, I'll respond with a detailed project estimate and set timeframe for delivery.
  • Once we've agreed upon a scope for the piece, I'll setup a private listing (right here on this site) so that you can check out and pay for your project.
  • Upon payment and according to the schedule, I begin making your piece. I typically send photos of my progress while I'm working, and once the project is complete I'll send you final studio photos, instructions for handling, and a gorgeous arrangement ready to be gifted! 

What Can I Expect? 

This question is better answered by showing than telling. Here is the collection of Paper Anniversary projects that have been revealed to date! 


Paperversary Quote Request

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When is your anniversary?
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If you're interested in something other than a bouquet recreation, please let me know here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I plan to spend?


I price all anniversary bouquets strictly by the stem—which start at $15 a piece. I do not charge a design fee for these projects since I'm not the one designing them. (You already paid for that part!). That said, I do put a lot of extra attention into these pieces, and they are typically composed of highly customized blooms that I often color by hand to get just right. 

For exceptionally large bouquets I always propose two options—a full-scale (or close to it) and a slightly-smaller option—that way you can decide what falls within your budget.

Bottom line, I request a minimum of $150, and have found that most bouquets fall anywhere between $250-$350 for an average recreation.  

How much time do you need?


Ideally, I like to plan these projects at least a month out. But I also know that things happen, and sometimes people forget about anniversaries until say—I don't know—a week ahead of time! (It happens to the best of us.) Send me your information, and I'll see what I can do.

How will the flowers arrive?


I typically arrange the flowers and tie them with ribbon so that they do not require any preparation once they arrive. Pieces like this can easily be displayed in vases or almost any type of container (they don’t need water!), so I leave that up to you! Of course, if you'd like to keep the stems separated, or have other plans, just let me know. I'm happy to source vases and make other accommodations as well!

For shipment, I swaddle the entire bouquet in tissue and heavyweight wrapping paper. It’s all gathered at the bottom into a “handle” so you can present it as is (like a Miss America prize!), or wrap the entire box up as you like.

What if I want to surprise my spouse and I don't have any pictures? 


Believe it or not, you wouldn't be the first! I worked on this piece for a man who was deployed and wasn't going to be able to spend his first anniversary with his wife. Between wanting to surprise her and not having regular internet access, I pieced together inspiration based on where they got married and his description of their wedding colors. Not bad, right!? Moral of the story—we will make it work! 

What if I don't want to recreate the actual bouquet? 


There are no rules here! Take this one as an example—Peter sent me a few photos and asked me what I thought would work for a paper arrangement. I focused on the centerpieces lining their reception tables and ended up with a gorgeous gift that his wife loved! So if you like this concept, but aren't sure about the bouquet itself, just say so in the notes, and I'll come up with other ideas!



Thank you so much for making this a great gift! She loved it. She didn't even know it was paper at first. She also loved the fact that it looked almost exactly how the centerpieces were.


I cannot thank you enough for making the perfect one year anniversary gift!! She absolutely LOVED the bouquet and was so excited when she saw it!  She couldn't believe how close it resembled her actual bridal bouquet. This is such a novel gift that she will be able to treasure forever!  


These are precious and perfect. And the bride and groomed swooned!


I gave Samantha the flowers last night. She loves them! She thought they were real at first. :)


Thank you for the most beautiful replicate of my wedding bouquet. I knew exactly when I saw it what it was! I love it and it is something I can have forever!



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