Stephen & Pavithra’s Recreated Recreation!

Paper Rose Co. Wedding Bouquet Recreation Stephen & Pavithra

This wedding bouquet recreation I made for Stephen to give to Pavithra on their first anniversary was such a hit, they asked me to make another one for their parents!

My in-laws were over for Christmas, and they loved the bouquet so much that my wife and I have decided to order them a bouquet just like it!
— Stephen

What a huge compliment! I also realized this would be the first time I’d be tasked with recreating one of my own recreations. Easier said than done—or maybe easier done than said!

Paper Rose Co. Wedding Bouquet Recreation Comparison

I kept the exact same formula for both projects, a combination of purple garden roses, lavender roses, purple lisianthus, fuchsia dendrobium orchids, burgundy dahlias, yellow yarrow, and lots of greenery. Luckily I’d taken some notes on how I made the orchids the first time around—those were definitely the most challenging blooms in the bunch!

While smaller than Pavithra’s original lush bouquet, these recreations came just as loaded with bright and bold colors, unusual textures, and unique blooms. Two family heirlooms that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Here are lots of shots of the bouquets I made and the original live bouquet from Stephen and Pavithra’s wedding. How do you think they compare?

If you’re interested in having me replicate a wedding bouquet for you, head over to this page.


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