I have the joy of working with wonderful and kind people across the country—many of whom send me mood-boosting notes like these after their orders arrive, or once they’ve given their gifts to loved ones. Here are a few of my favorites!


Paperversary Feedback

Christina was completely blown away when she saw the arrangement that you made! She couldn’t believe how detailed it was and how much it resembled her actual bouquet.
— Aaron
Thank you again for all your help in making this the perfect first year anniversary present, definitely won husband of the year with that! I wish paper was the theme every year, but now I know exactly where to go when I need something truly special! 
— Sean
I just wanted to let you know that the flowers are beautiful and my wife absolutely loves them. They look EXACTLY like her bouquet and the overall size is just about dead on. Thank you so much for your amazing work!
— Alex
She loved it! Without doubt, it was a hit! I really appreciate your awesome work!
— Rob
She said it was the ‘best gift she has ever gotten.’
— Dave
I cannot thank you enough for making the perfect one year anniversary gift!! She absolutely LOVED the bouquet and was so excited when she saw it!  She couldn’t believe how close it resembled her actual bridal bouquet. This is such a novel gift that she will be able to treasure forever!  
Everything went great this past weekend and the flowers were a hit! An excited ‘It’s my bouquet,’ escaped her lips when she first saw it followed by a big smile.

I took a good look at the flowers after she had her moment and the work you put into getting them to look like they do is just astounding. Even the detail like flowers that are not open all from paper is beautiful. Thank you so much for the work you did and helping make the day as special as it was.
— Josh
Wow... just wow.
— Brian
Just received the flowers and my wife opened them. She was so excited, nearly brought her to tears! The gift was so unexpected since we planned a trip to celebrate our first anniversary so she had no idea this was on the way. The bouquet is beautiful and she was able to tell right away it was a replica of her wedding bouquet. Your work is fantastic and the craftsmanship is wonderful! Christina is so happy and in love with the bouquet, and even more in love with me too! Thanks for helping us celebrate our first anniversary, the “paper” anniversary, in the most unique and beautiful way possible!
— John
That is amazing! I can’t tell the difference between her real bouquet and what you’ve made.
— Luke
She absolutely loved them! I appreciate you making our 1st anniversary extra special.
— Norman
Charlotte opened the flowers yesterday and smiled ear to ear! She absolutely LOVES them, your work looks great.  It took me (and her) right back to our wedding day with that beautiful bouquet she now has forever as a reminder!
Thank you so much for making this a great gift! She loved it. She didn’t even know it was paper at first. She also loved the fact that it looked almost exactly how the centerpieces were.
— Peter
Thank you for the most beautiful replicate of my wedding bouquet. I knew exactly when I saw it what it was! I love it and it is something I can have forever!
— Jenna
She freaking loved it. She loved the size, the colors, the memory, and the thought. She thinks you’re the bees knees. She’s already picked out fancy pottery to put it in…
— Stephen

Weddings & Special Events Feedback

I am so so so so beyond happy with everything. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all of the love and attention to detail that went into these beautiful creations. ❤❤❤ You are beyond talented.
— Erica
Everything was beautiful , amazing, all the things. What a day it was!

The flowers were so so perfect. We got so many compliments. I can’t wait to send you some pics, they will be incredible.
— Sandy
Dave and I had an awesome day on Saturday! The bouquet, corsages and boutonnieres were absolutely beautiful. The bouquet is exactly how I imagined it to be - your craftsmanship and talent allowed our wedding to be extra special and meaningful.
— Theresa

Custom Design Feedback

We gave my mother-in-law her Paper Rose arrangement yesterday. And she absolutely loved it! When I explained that each flower represented us, she started crying! Thank you so much for your talented work!!
— Catherine
The flowers arrived perfectly! They are absolute jewels, and I am so excited to share them with the ladies in my class. Thank you again for making this possible. I really appreciate you!
— Kimberly
I was so, so impressed with how the flowers turned out! I had them delivered to work, so I showed them to my coworkers as well - and they were blown away. They’re just beautiful. You were so great to work with through the entire process.
— Stacy
Just wanted to let you know the flowers arrived in perfect condition! Your attention to detail is impressive and they’re gorgeous.
— Susan
Thank you so much for all the love and attention you gave to this stunning bouquet. My friend just loves it.
— Kimberly
These are precious and perfect. And the bride and groomed swooned!
— Ann
I gave Samantha the flowers last night. She loves them! She thought they were real at first. :)
I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful work that you do and how happy these flowers make me and will continue to make me since they will not wilt or die. :)
— Kelli
I received the bouquet today and it is absolutely breathtaking! I love it and I know my friend will too! Thank you so much! You are a special talent!
— Julia