Josh & Kailey’s Romantic Summer Wedding Bouquet Recreation

Paper Rose Co First Anniversary Wedding Bouquet Recreation

I'm in the midst of another busy week of making summer anniversary gifts but want to take a break to show off one more rose-filled beauty before the end of the month.

This bouquet went out to a beautiful couple to celebrate their first anniversary and now resides in their little girl's nursery. Talk about a family heirloom!

Filled with hydrangea, garden roses, hybrid tea roses, and peonies, this bouquet hit all of the right notes. It was lush, full of texture, and blended beautiful shades of pink, ivory, and cream. I just loved it. But more importantly, here's what Josh had to say:

She absolutely loved the bouquet. At first she thought that it was a bouquet of real flowers and then she noticed that they weren’t real but was that my wedding bouquet? Ha. She was upset that she didn’t keep her wedding bouquet during our actual wedding and this was a perfect substitute. It won’t even wilt! She is already planning to put it in our daughter’s nursery. So your work will have a home forever.
— Josh

Paper Rose Co First Anniversary Wedding Bouquet Recreation Compare

Check the gallery below for a 360-view of this piece!

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