Andrew & Rebecca’s special occasion wedding bouquet recreation!

Paper Rose Co Wedding Bouquet Recreation Andrew

Andrew contacted me well before their October anniversary hoping that I would recreate their wedding flowers for another special occasion—the arrival of their first child. What a great way to celebrate!

This arrangement happens to still be one of my most favorite projects to date—I’m not sure if it’s because it was jam-packed with roses, or because I had so much fun making the pieces of freesia and the hypericum berries. At any rate, the whole thing came together in a stunning replica that I continue to enjoy (via photos), and Andrew and Rebecca can enjoy along with their growing family.

Paper Rose Co Wedding Bouquet Recreation Before & After

Paper Rose Co Wedding Bouquet Recreation Before & After Andrew

Somewhat inspired by this piece, I've recently experimented with some new rose bundles for Valentine's Day and just decided to expand my made-to-order offerings as well. These blooms work in so many settings, and for so many occasions, I can't get enough of them.

I hope you like the new additions. And if there's ever anything else you'd like to see added to my collections, drop me a note!