Sabrina and Justin’s Paperversary!

Paper Anniversary Bouquet Justin Sabrina.jpg

This week I got an email from Justin letting me know that it was safe to share the project we collaborated on and that his wife, Sabrina, loved her gift! Phew! 

I loved working on this one! It was full of things I'd never tried before, a combination I never would have thought to put together, and made up of a palette I just can't get enough of these days. Let's dig in! 

Paper Anniversary Bouquet Comparison Paperversary Justin Sabrina

Earlier this week I wrote a long post about the making of some purple alstroemeria—well this is what those were for! As lovely as they were on their own, I couldn't get over how amazing they made this bouquet. They were the last pieces I added, and boy did they make a huge difference. I already loved the colors and textures that were going on, but with the watercolor-like details in those petals, this piece looked incredibly realistic. My heart was happy! 

In addition to the alstroemeria, this piece included large lilac roses, deep plum carnations, big white daisies, and then some funky stems of what I called hyacinth. I improvised these a bit because I couldn't  identify the original blooms—they look a bit like a butterfly bush or super tiny grape hyacinth—neither of which would be something I'd feasibly be able to make. This solution provided the right pop of color and shape, and they helped me stay on budget (a big plus!).

I'd love to hear what you think of this piece or any of the other recent paper anniversary creations I've posted. In the last two weeks, I shipped out four more anniversary pieces (I said October was busy!). I can't wait to share all of the wonderful pieces that are soon to be gifted! 

Given the popularity for these creations, I updated my site to make the process for requesting information and ordering even easier. Checkout the Paperversary section for everything you need to get started!