Brian & Ericka’s Paperversary Rose Bouquet

Paper Rose Co Paper Anniversary Bouquet

Speaking of rose bouquets, check out this piece I replicated for Brian and Ericka! The original design came from Aria’s chapel in Las Vegas and was simply chock-full of roses!

I wanted to make sure my rose matched as closely as possible, so I combined multiple hues of pink and fuchsia to recreate the proper tone and depth of her original bouquet. It was a lot of work, but so worth it!

I know this anniversary gift was enthusiastically received and will be enjoyed for many years to come—including by me via the many, many photos I took before it shipped. Enjoy!

PaperRoseCo Wedding Bouquet Replica Comparison

“Wow... just wow.” —Brian

If you’re interested in having me make a replica of your wedding bouquet, head over to this page.