Matt & Jamie’s Destination Wedding Bouquet Recreation’s

Matt & Jamie's Destination Wedding Bouquet Recreation First Anniversary Gift

Hello again! I can't believe it's been more than a month since my last post. Made more embarrassing by the fact that I assumed after Mother's Day I'd have all sorts of time to catch up on the posts I had planned—not so much!

Over the six weeks between Mother's Day and the end of June, I shipped out 21 custom orders. That's about three projects per week—most of which were anniversary bouquets or wedding suites, and all of which had been on my schedule for months. Needless to say, June was over before I knew it and now I'm flush with gorgeous flowers to share. Let's dig in!

Matt & Jamie Anniversary Recreation Compare 2

Matt & Jamie Anniversary Recreation Compare 1

Matt contacted me early this year to help him create this gift for his wife in celebration of their first anniversary. Given the restrictions of their destination wedding, Jamie was unable to hold onto, or try to preserve her bouquet. 

I decided to capture the blooms her florist used in their freshest and most vibrant state, creating a bright, crisp spring assortment of white peonies and ranunculus, lavender-hued roses, and pink peonies. Per Matt's request, I even found a strand of faux pearls to mimic her original wrap! 

I finished this piece before the peonies were blooming, and you better believe this had me in the mood for Spring! I held off on sharing this post until I restocked my Perennial Collection—which used to include brighter pink peonies quite similar to these. Now I'm wondering if I should bring those back? Let me know if you agree.

And don't worry—there are many, many more peony varieties on the way. (And I mean many!) Stay tuned for more posts and other fun updates to the shop!