Gardenias Worthy of a 20th-Anniversary Celebration

PaperRoseCo 2oth Anniversary Gardenias

Susan contacted in the Spring asking for my help in recreating her wedding bouquet for her and her husband's upcoming 20th anniversary. I was delighted to help with such a special occasion, even more so after we chatted and I learned that she wanted to make things even more fun by updating the design a bit. Why not?

She noted that “The bouquet was mostly about the lovely fragrance of the gardenia. If I were arranging them today, there’d be less greenery and just the buds.” I loved this idea and set forth with this goal in mind.


To pay tribute to her original piece, I also used a few white lisianthus blooms and buds, and I took a stab at my first ever stephanotis stems. The brighter shades of white and textures these additions brought to the mix were quite lovely.

Your attention to detail is impressive, and they’re gorgeous.
— Susan

The final combination of stems looked just as lovely kept loose as they did once I arranged them into a bouquet, so I I know Susan will have a lot of fun with these stems for years to come.

I was reminded of this project again recently with another custom order I'm starting soon, as well as my recent travels to Maui where the gardenia always seem to be in bloom. And with the many requests I've received since I shared this post, I started thinking perhaps I need to be working them into a holiday piece as well… (hint, hint!).

Until then, enjoy this gorgeous 20th-anniversary tribute in all its glory!