Norman & Candice, and their bold Paperversary

Paper Rose Co. Norman & Candice

Perhaps one of the happiest couples I’ve worked with so far just so happen to be local Richmonders like myself: Norman and Candice! Their wedding was remarkable (I know because Norman sent me a link to their whole album!). And after reveling in the beauty and joy of the event itself, I finally focused on the florals—which did not disappoint.

Her bouquet (and the bridesmaid’s bouquets too) was positively stunning. A combination of bold reds, fuchsia, and pinks, and exotic blooms like King Protea, snapdragons, and garden roses galore. I couldn’t wait to recreate these pieces!

PaperRoseCo Paperversary Before & After Norman 1

PaperRoseCo Paperversary Before & After Norman 2

This was the first time I’d ever made a King Protea, so I studied up on it and paid careful attention to the details in her specific stem by matching it to the photos. I adore how this unique botanical turned out!

And so did Candice—who, as it turns out, saw my Instagram stories while I was working on her protea and recognized it as soon as her gift arrived. Norman was kind enough to send me a video of her unwrapping her bouquet, and right away she exclaimed: “It’s my bouquet!” What a fun moment to witness!

Take a peek through the photos of her beautiful gift, or head on over to my newly updated galleries to check out other fun and unique varieties of flowers I've been working on recently.