2018: A year filled with Paperversaries!


I sat down yesterday morning with the goal of prepping a few new posts and chipping away at the backlog of projects I've been itching to share. I've dug myself into quite the hole—something I'm not going to let happen again this year! But before I continue working my way through that list, I decided it is more important to celebrate a solid year's worth of work!

This gallery represents the majority (some are still waiting to be gifted) of the anniversaries I helped clients celebrate last year—almost 50 couples! I'm so honored to have played a part in all of these gifts and can't wait to give them all the justice they deserve with recaps. Until then, take a flip through and enjoy the before and after shots I've collected here!

A huge thank you to everyone who decided to purchase a Paperversary bouquet from me last year!

Stay tuned next month as I make my way through this list, or check out the archive for all of the pieces I've posted so far.

2018 Paperversary Project Gallery


(For best viewing, click on an image and flip through the gallery!)

Interested in a Paperversary Bouquet?

I'm already booking Paperversary orders as far as August of this year, so if you have an anniversary coming up and would like me to create a wedding bouquet replica for you or your spouse, send me a note. All of the information about these projects can be found on this page.