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The Women Whose Names I’ve Borrowed this Mother’s Day

Naming collections is a challenge. Over the years, I've borrowed many names from the female role models and friends in my life. My first Mother's Day collection revealed my favorite sitcom Moms—like Beverly Goldberg, Sophia Petrillo, Mona Robinson, and Edna Garrett. A Valentine's Day collection highlighted my favorite musicians. And last year I recognized my own Mom, my Grandmothers, and the many great Moms in my life.

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Introducing the Valentine's Day Collection!

In November I was interviewed for R•Home Magazine, and one of the questions they asked me was why I thought the tradition of giving flowers for Valentine's Day was such a time-honored one? I stumbled a bit, and I'm not even sure I answered the question that clearly, but the point I tried to make is because flowers make people happy. They show that you're thinking about someone, that you care—that you are caring for yourself!

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Pulling out all the stops for Mom(s)!

Mother's Day 2017 was the first real test of my ability as a paper florist. I decided to create a set of gifts that required the least amount of work possible. I wanted everything to be beautiful and ready to enjoy right out of the box—it was ambitious on the design-front, and even more so when the orders started rolling in faster than I ever expected! 

It was stressful. It was overwhelming. It was exhilarating. And I loved it. I'm so excited to do it all again! 

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A Perennial Update

As many of you noticed, the items in my Perennial Collection—which I promised would always be around—had been sold out for some time. I've been itching to make some changes and after the last of my inventory sold out before Valentine's Day, I seized the opportunity for a fresh start. Here's what this overhaul entails—and don't worry, my blush peonies aren't going anywhere!

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Holiday… Celebrate!

I'm not sure why I have this particular Madonna song stuck in my head, but it's better than the alternative—actual Christmas music in November. Nevertheless, the day is here, and it is a reason to celebrate—I'm happy to reveal the Winter/Holiday Collection!!

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Making the fall collection

Over the summer I hit pause on the frantic pace the had seemingly been set for me over the spring. Markets, holidays, custom orders,—things were happening fast! That was incredible, but I was feeling a bit out of control and unfocused, and I needed a better plan. 

So I decided to take a hiatus from markets (the humidity and heat aren't a good mix for my flowers anyway), and I focused on making. I launched my Studies I began posting here more frequently, and as a result, I've gotten more custom requests allowing me to focus on honing my craft. 

This reset also enabled me to put together what I think is by far my best collection yet—one I'm so proud to launch today! 

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Awl Snap + Paper Rose

Upon realizing our booths would be next to each other at a local market, my pal Erin of Awl Snap joked that she should make some vases—and with that, an idea was born! A week later I hauled a few buckets of flowers down to her studio and distracted her while she worked away on what are now my go-to containers for any and all arrangements. 

If you want to learn more about Awl Snap and the beautiful leather goods she creates, hop over to her site—after you check out! 

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Valentine’s Day Collection

I created this collection of crepe paper flowers in hopes of inspiring and encouraging everyone to spread a little more love this year. Not just because there's a day on the calendar coming up that says that's what we're supposed to do. And not just for that one particular person we call our significant other—but to the people in our lives who may need a little pick me up. To the friends and family who know they are loved but might not always hear it. Heck—to yourself because you're awesome! 

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A collection for fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Its arrival always brings me back to my teenage years growing up in State College, PA—apple picking, football games, high school dances, John Cusack… movies. It might be wishful thinking (or old age), but nothing brings me back to that time in my life like a good John Hughes movie and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. 

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