Paper Rose Co. Palettes: Sharing vs. Stealing

Paper Rose Co. Palettes:  Sharing vs. Stealing

Back in 2017, I was asked to do a pop-up at Madewell in conjunction with their Fall collection launch and a big back-to-school shopping weekend. I was psyched! It’s my favorite time of year for pretty much everything—clothes, weather, and, most of all, colors!

When I’m designing collections, I always start by pulling together a color palette. I decided to show a little of my behind-the-scenes process before the event, and this photo quickly became one of my most talked about. I realized that other people liked seeing how these simple rolls of paper turned into the flowers that I make.

Since then, I’ve made sure I capture these shots whenever I design and launch a new floral collection. They aren’t easy shots to capture, but the payoff is well worth it. Being able to look back at my development over the past two years and admire the full range of colors and specimens I’ve sent out into the world fills me with pride!

The downside of sharing these images on social media is that they’ve been increasingly stolen and used by others. Not just by paper artists but by bloggers, florists, companies, wedding professionals, you name it! It’s disheartening to see my work claimed by so many people or have it used (many times for profit) without any credit whatsoever. But, I’m a company of one person, and there are only so many copyright infringement forms I can fill out!

So, as a way to alleviate this situation, I’ve edited all of the palettes I’ve created over the past two years and am adding them all here in one post.

If you’d like to share any (or all) of them, or add them to your Pinterest boards—link or pin away!

I simply ask that you:

a) do no remove the watermark with my information, and
b) keep a link or credit back to this site (

And just as a refresher: if you share anyone’s image on Instagram, make sure you tag their profile and mention their name/account in your comment. It’s never ok to make it look like someone else’s photos are your own.

Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for supporting the people who do the work!