An Introduction to The Fall Edit

Paper Rose Co. An introduction  to The Fall Edit

Commemorating this year's harvest

It's been several months since I’ve released a new collection here, but not without good reason! Summer, while assumed to be an excellent time to slow down and enjoy time in the actual garden, absolutely flew by with custom, commercial, and wedding work. I'm not complaining! But I did feel guilty about the bounty of inspiration growing all around, and the lack of time available for me to translate that inspiration into paper.

However, not all was lost! I've selected the models and studies I squirreled away throughout the summer into six mixed arrangements: The Fall Edit. These unique mixes are my favorite finds from this summer's collection of garden picks and market scores. Only they're in paper form, so you'll get to enjoy them forever!

Some of what you'll see here came from my garden. My Mom and I shared grew these seed packs from Floret this year: Strawflower Silvery Rose, Celosia Texas Plume Summer Sherbet Mix, Zinnia Zinderella Lilac, Zinnia Queen Lime Blush, and we had a few tributes from last year's Strawflower Apricot Mix, Zinnia Benary's Giant Salmon Rose, and Zinnia Queen Red Lime. She also always has a steady supply of echinacea, rudbeckia, and potted dahlias, which I often raid.

Paper Rose Co. Fall 19 Palette

To supplement this crop, I frequented the River City Flower Exchange, a new program, headed by my friend Amanda Montgomery or Hummingbird Gardens. It's a collaborative where local flower farmers gather to source their products to both professionals and consumers every week. There I continue to learn about a few new varieties of plants and flowers and sometimes get to see things in person for the first time! It was there I got my hands on the Platinum Blonde Dahlia, grown by Field Day Creative featured in this collection and perhaps one of my favorites of the whole season!

And of course, I regularly visit my favorite florist friend, Kelly, at Wegmans. She keeps me well-stocked with stems from local favorite, Wind Haven Farms, and on top of the latest imports and trends.

This collection includes all of my late-summer favorites: dahlias, zinnias, echinacea, rudbeckia, cosmos, coneflower, marigold, sunflower, coreopsis, and of course, a quirky little rose for good measure! To top it all off, I added in some ferns. The ones we planted in our front beds alongside the hellebore took off this summer, so I've been working on copying them with paper. I love the earthiness they bring to these mixes.

I hope you like this new set! These are ready-made and ship with the vase shown in the photo but, I've kept the stems loose so they can be repositioned and enjoyed however you see fit. Mix and match and collect your favorite while you can!

Paper Rose Co. Fall 19 Lineup