Introducing the Valentine's Day Collection!

PaperRoseCo Valentines Day Intro

In November I was interviewed for R•Home Magazine, and one of the questions they asked me was why I thought the tradition of giving flowers for Valentine's Day was such a time-honored one? I stumbled a bit, and I'm not even sure I answered the question that clearly, but the point I tried to make is because flowers make people happy. They show that you're thinking about someone, that you care—that you are caring for yourself!

This question and my response came to mind when I went to work on this collection. Rather than focusing solely on gifts for romantic partners to give one another, I wanted to create a collection of flowers that bring happiness and love to any recipient.

Additionally, this collection is full of the flowers that you and I both love. I tapped into the library of peony studies I made last spring when the gardens were bursting with models and designed the most intricately-detailed and lifelike versions yet. And after another year of practice and perfecting my methods, I'm even more in love with roses than ever before.


Newly available Varieties included in this collection:

Coral Charm Peony (updated design)

Charlie’s White Peony

Karl Rosenfield Peony

Sarah Bernhardt Double Peony

Bowl of Beauty Peony

Raspberry Sundae Peony

Krinkled White Peony

Margaret Truman Peony

Lilac (Stylized)

Penelope Rose

Tamora Rose

+A whole new spectrum of garden roses!


I’m excited to see which are your favorites. Feel free to mix and match, gift your loved ones, gift yourself, and enjoy an early dose of spring this Valentine’s Day!

More peeks below, or check out the full collection via the link.