Making the fall collection

Over the summer I hit pause on the frantic pace the had seemingly been set for me over the spring. Markets, holidays, custom orders—things were happening fast! That was incredible, but I was feeling a bit out of control and unfocused, and I needed a better plan. 

So I decided to take a hiatus from markets (the humidity and heat aren't a good mix for my flowers anyway), and I focused on making. I launched my Studies and I began posting here more frequently, and as a result, I've gotten more custom requests allowing me to focus on honing my craft. 

This reset also enabled me to put together what I think is by far my best collection yet—one I'm so proud to launch today! 

The pieces in this set were all inspired by studies conducted in recent weeks. I know I may not be able to do this year-round, but late summer/early fall is ideal for gathering in Richmond, so I'm taking advantage of it! I documented my inspiration in another post, but I wanted to call attention to the individual blooms here. They all have so much character and charm—even the small little accent blooms are loaded with detail.

Here's a roundup of the items you'll find mixed within the fall lineup. Six arrangements are ranging from a small little two-bloom accent-piece to an 8-bloom showtopper—something for everyone (and budget). Since these pieces are so detailed, and I'm already starting to work on a holiday line-up, my quantities are limited. So if you see something you like, grab it! 

Oh, and if you're curious about the names for this set, this playlist might help. (I've been listening to A LOT of Fleetwood Mac lately). 

I'd love to know what you think of the collection, hear what your favorite piece is, or know what you'd like to see more of in the future! Leave a comment or drop me a note here

And happy fall, y'all!

Paper Rose Co Fall Collection Ingredients.jpg

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