Launching into fall with Madewell

Paper Rose Fall Preview

When Madewell approached me about doing an event in their store, I jumped at the opportunity! I didn't know much about their initiative to support local artists and businesses, but I sure did know about their clothing, their totes, and their accessories! Can anyone really have too many totes? I don't think so. 

Back to the point. After an in-store meeting spent brainstorming potential pop-up dates and ideas, we decided to coordinate our fall launches and take advantage of a little back-to-school shopping. My absolute favorite time of the year! 

I love fall, but fall flowers often get overlooked—which is a real bummer. This is the time when (at least around here) summer is cranking out some major heat, and the local growers are harvesting some of their best blooms yet. Dahlias, zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers… you name it!

Instead of the bright, bold colors of summer, I wanted to hone in on where things are heading. So I looked to Madewell's fall lineup for some inspiration. With much joy, I found gorgeous mustard yellows, coral pinks, blush roses, and deep oxblood reds. The perfect palette if you ask me!

Photos from

Photos from

I also found inspiration from local grower, Emily Orr of Sweetgum Farm, who I met by a chance encounter outside of Whole Foods market, where she sells gorgeous bouquets and herbs on Thursday evenings.

At last count, I've made 16 brand new flowers for the fall collection! There are more I still want to add, but I had to cut myself off—at least until after the pop-up this weekend.

Photos of my favorite (so far!) bouquets purchased from  Sweetgum Farm in Richmond .

Photos of my favorite (so far!) bouquets purchased from Sweetgum Farm in Richmond.

Preview of the Paper Rose Co. Fall Collection!

I'll be bringing pre-designed bundles and stems for design-your-own bouquets with me to Madewell. Then, once I have a chance to regroup and get everything officially photographed, the new collection will be added to the site next week. I also have new vases in the works with Awl Snap, so if you like this palette, you're going to be one happy camper! 

I hope you like this little peek at my process and where I get my inspiration. And if you're local to Richmond, I hope to see you at the pop-up!!