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Making the fall collection

Over the summer I hit pause on the frantic pace the had seemingly been set for me over the spring. Markets, holidays, custom orders,—things were happening fast! That was incredible, but I was feeling a bit out of control and unfocused, and I needed a better plan. 

So I decided to take a hiatus from markets (the humidity and heat aren't a good mix for my flowers anyway), and I focused on making. I launched my Studies I began posting here more frequently, and as a result, I've gotten more custom requests allowing me to focus on honing my craft. 

This reset also enabled me to put together what I think is by far my best collection yet—one I'm so proud to launch today! 

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A collection for fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Its arrival always brings me back to my teenage years growing up in State College, PA—apple picking, football games, high school dances, John Cusack… movies. It might be wishful thinking (or old age), but nothing brings me back to that time in my life like a good John Hughes movie and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. 

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Naming collection #1

I love a good playlist. By that, I mean I love a good playlist that's utterly embarrassing and makes me sing along to the shock and horror of anyone in a 5-mile radius. So, when I was trying to come up with a system to name my first collection of arrangements it dawned on me to look to my playlists for some inspiration. I'm also going to blame Stranger Things for that. At any rate, in case you were wondering who these pieces were named after I figured I'd share this little gem. Enjoy! 

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