A study in making due

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If it's seemed quiet this week—it's been anything but! Things are really picking up around here. I'm very close to posting the new fall collection, which I'm going to be documenting piece-by-piece here as so as it launches. I realized while I was photographing these pieces that more than anything these arrangements are one massive study. I truly believe it's my best work yet—and I'm excited to see it being so well received. 

But back to this week's study. With how busy I've been I haven't had time to get out to the markets to pick up and fresh flowers recently. Instead, I reached for my list of "things to make" and came across the Aster, which I've had flagged for months as something to try. As it also happens, the Aster is apparently the flower of September—so I took that as a sign and went for it. 

This week I also ordered some fancy new scissors—which were perfect for making all of these small cuts. I have to admit I got a little carried away with my first try on these petals. If you need a mental image, think Edward Scissorhands, but with pink paper flying everywhere. Again—that's what these studies are for though—trial and error. Once I got things back under control, and the newness of the spring-release scissors wore off a bit, things worked a whole lot better. 

Even though it seems like Asters are typically purple, I went with a bright pink version. Partly because I think it's a nice send off to summer, and mainly because I'm using a lot of purple in my fall collection and I just wanted to change it up a bit. 

I was struggling with these until I added the calyxes and greenery along the stems. It's amazing how much those little details change the whole look of a flower. Now I think they look super fresh and make the perfect little pop for a desk—maybe for a teacher's gift?!

This piece is now available here, along with a few other studies that are still up for grabs. Until next week! 

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