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A Succulent Anniversary Bouquet

Had Santolo sent me the photos of his wife Daryll's bouquet one year ago, I might have been too intimidated to take on the challenge. At first glance this piece seemed like it was an armload of peonies—my hands practically make these on their own anymore! But once I got past all of that fluffy goodness, I discovered the real gems hidden in the details: succulents, ferns, and lilacs. This one was going to be fun!

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Creating for a Pro: Michael & Charlotte’s Paperversary

Late last year I got a submission through my "Challenge Me" form for a particularly interesting flower that came with a fun little intro from the sender. Charlotte and her sister had started a company doing wedding florals, and have always wanted to grow the Himalayan Poppy, but can't in their climate. I then realized that their flower shop, Blossom + Vine, is in Gaithersburg, Maryland—the same town that my college roommate lives in and where I occasionally visit. Never missing the opportunity to make friends with other flower people, we exchanged a few more emails back and forth, and I promised to connect the next time I was in the area.

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