A collection for fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Its arrival always brings me back to my teenage years growing up in State College, PA—apple picking, football games, high school dances, John Cusack… movies. It might be wishful thinking (or old age), but nothing brings me back to that time in my life like a good John Hughes movie and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. 

As the season's change, I wanted to create a few new arrangements that evoked this mood—a fresh start, an enthusiasm for change, and a cozy home full of friends and family. And of course, the perfect playlist. 



  • Yes, I realize that not all of the characters from this collection were created by John Hughes—I use his name as a classification for an entire genre. 

  • I also realize that this list is essentially 50% Molly Ringwald and 50% the girls that John Cusack pined after. I'm ok with it.