Introducing the Holiday Collection

Paper Rose Co Holiday Palette

I never feel like I've finished a collection until I compile this shot—the round-up of stems combined with all of the colors of crepe I've carefully selected to represent the season. It's incredibly satisfying!

(It can also be utterly frustrating—as was the case this week—when the lighting in my studio refuses to, and there are only 1.25 hours of sunlight per day in the first place!) But, I made it work! And here it is—the jewel-toned spectrum of blooms representing my brand new collection for the holidays!

This post is going to be short because I still have a lot of flowers to make to get ready for this weekend's Holiday Market, but I wanted to share a few behind-the-scenes photos of my favorite components and the inspiration behind this new work.



It wouldn't be a celebration without roses, right? I've acquired a real in-depth knowledge of David Austin roses this year—not only in my garden—but in working with so many wedding bouquets. I picked out two of their newest jewel-toned beauties—Darcey and Tess—both from the wedding collection.

Red Charm Peonies


If you recall, I worked on some Red Charm Peonies for a custom order over the summer, and I fell in love with them. They're still the big and fluffy peonies that everyone loves, but their sophisticated hue works well in so many settings. I'm a huge fan!



These have been popping up in many orders, and I've worked hard to dissect and develop a way to tackle their ornate centers. I love the texture and beauty they bring to arrangements.



Traditionally, I've not been a fan of making these tiny little buggers. But over the past year, I've worked through my distaste (probably from the necessary repetition!), and developed a newfound appreciation for them—especially when I allow myself to make a little mess with paint!



I've been experimenting with new materials and techniques to replicate unique greenery and berries over the past year more closely, and I'm bringing these new findings to my ready made collection this season. Lots of fun details in these mixes!

These are just some of the pieces I'm excited about, but I'd love to know what stands out to you! Drop me a note or leave a comment with your favorite!

Happy shopping!