Dave and Allison’s Paperversary Reveal

Dave and Allison's Paperversary Reveal

Back in June, when Dave emailed me the photos of his wife's wedding bouquet, I was to get over the fact that peony season had come and gone in Virginia already. Luckily their season lasts much longer in Maine though—and Allison made sure to take full advantage of them for her wedding! 

The mix of bright colors and fun textures in this bouquet is right out of my playbook. Fluffy Charlie's White, Red Charms, and pink Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, Billy Buttons, Blue Eryngium Thistle, Juliet Garden Roses, and Purple Veronica Stems. This project was such a treat to make! 


At the very last step before assembly, I made an executive decision to inflate the scale of the Veronica stems a bit more than I had initially created them. They seemed to get a little buried in the mix, and this allowed me to extend them out farther so that the purple could contrast against the yellow of the billy buttons. Plus those stems were the most challenging part of this whole mix, so I wanted to make sure their fun details didn't get lost! 

A few days after the bouquet arrived, Dave emailed me to let me know that Allison also loved the replica. He wrote:

"She said (it was the) best gift she has ever gotten."

I couldn't ask for a better result! 

Here are more photos of all the fun details that went into this recreation. 

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