Discover Richmond Magazine’s “Cool and Connected” List

Discover Richmond Cover Paper Rose Co.jpg

In June I was invited to be featured in an upcoming issue of the Richmond Times-Dispatch Discover Richmond Magazine. I honestly hadn't read too much into it more than that before I agreed—of course! How flattering?!

In the weeks that followed I responded to their interview, sent some photos, and that was that. It wasn't until later that I realized I was part of a list of 22 people named Richmond's "Cool and Connected," featured in the 2018 Annual Guide to Richmond. Talk about cool!

The magazine was released in the October 16th edition of the RTD, is currently being distributed to some 500 locations regionally, and is also available for purchase online

This is how the RTD describes this issue and the people on the list they compiled:


Here’s a good description for Richmond these days: “cool and connected.” We’re a region bursting with creativity and a sense of community.

We tap into that spirit in the RTD’s new Discover Richmond magazine. It’s our biggest of the year – the annual guidebook to the region!

For some surprises, we spotlight Richmonders who are doing cool things and sharing their passions with the community. From paper flowers to knives, from faith to front-yard gardens, we touch on the breadth of creativity and connectivity in the region.


I couldn't agree more! And it should go without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway) I'm extremely honored to be a part of this impressive lineup.

Check out the full list of all 22 creative Richmonders here, and you can read my interview—where I talk about getting started with paper flowers, finding inspiration, and trying new things as a soon-to-be-40-year-old—right here.

I've said this many times over the years, but I'm fortunate to live in a city where people like me can thrive. I know many other creative entrepreneurs, and I continue to meet a few more every time I go to another market. I can't help but think that a lot of that has to do with Richmond. The fact there are names on this list that I don't even know yet is inspiring.