Pulling out all the stops for Mom(s)!

Paper Rose Co Mother's Day Collection 2018

Mother's Day 2017 was the first real test of my ability as a paper florist. I decided to create a set of gifts that required the least amount of work possible. I wanted everything to be beautiful and ready to enjoy right out of the box—it was ambitious on the design-front, and even more so when the orders started rolling in faster than I ever expected! 

It was stressful. It was overwhelming. It was exhilarating. And I loved it. I'm so excited to do it all again! 

I love the idea of this collection being completely work-free—not on my end—but on the gift-recipient. I want Moms (or anyone) receiving these pieces to be able to enjoy them right off the bat. This structure also lets me fully realize my idea from start to finish. It's a much more difficult and time-consuming process, but the results are so rewarding! 


For months I've been hunting down vases like it was my job. The stockpiles have taken over every last possible shelf, nook, and crevice I can find in my studio. (I won't even get into the tracking system I've got in place!). If ever there was a holiday for my management systems education, this is it!

Since Valentine's Day, I've also been diligently working on new techniques and experimenting with new blooms. Over the winter much of my inspiration comes from growers in Australia and New Zealand (for obvious reasons!), so a few of the blooms that have made their way into this collection are a bit more exotic than we see around here. I also had the chance to try new flowers for custom orders and design proposals—like the Matilija Poppy, the Himalayan Poppy—and thanks to Spring weddings, I've gotten over my hatred of making ranunculus.

The last part of the puzzle arrived thanks to some gorgeous new supplies. Recently, I accepted the invitation be an ambassador to Lia Griffith's Crepe Paper Flower Circle. The program is just getting started, but it means (among other things) I'll have to the opportunity to help them develop new colors and products. I could not be more excited! I used their latest collection of crepe paper almost exclusively for these designs. It's glorious, and I can't wait to share more about it!  

PaperRoseCo Mother's Day 2018 Palette

Between the overload of vessels, the library of new blooms, and all of the paper I just had to use—I had a tough time reining in my ideas. So, instead of making too many cuts, I just went for it!

This collection is twice as extensive as last years (and did I mention I'm doing 4-back-to-back events?). Ask me how I feel about Mother's Day on May 14th!

For now, here's the full collection—named after the Moms in my life and the women who have helped me along the way this year. 

Happy Spring!!


Entire Collection in order of size

(And shot on the same stool for scale!)