An anniversary centerpiece recreation

So it should be getting pretty obvious that the paper anniversary is my new favorite thing. Helping couples celebrate their first anniversary is fun on its own—absolutely! But add to that the co-conspirator factor when I get to work in stealth mode to surprise an unsuspecting party, and I'm in heaven! 

And that was the case with this piece! Peter contacted me about having a bouquet sent to the location where he and his wife would be celebrating their anniversary last week. So as not to spoil the surprise, he was only able to send me a few screenshots of the flowers he could find, and otherwise did a fantastic job describing the details of their wedding—a beautiful Italian celebration.

I quickly became drawn to a shot of the centerpieces that lined the long dining tables at their reception. The combination of olive branches, rosemary, roses, dahlias, and vibrant wildflowers was something I knew I could capture with paper, and it was something I could envision happily fitting into their home. With Peter in agreement, I was off and running.

I did a few different studies with the mauve rose, which I knew I wanted to be the focal point of the arrangement. I selected the lighter version once everything else came together because I thought it more closely matched the original piece, and it contrasted better with the greenery and the rich burgundy tones in the dahlia and carnation. 

The final piece included a mauve/blush pink rose, a burgundy dahlia and carnation, a crimson wildflower, an ivory rose, stems of rosemary, and olive branches. Such a lovely, lovely combination! 

Here's what Peter had to say about his wife's response:

Thank you so much for making this a great gift! She loved it. She didn't even know it was paper at first. She also loved the fact that it looked almost exactly how the centerpieces were.

I'd love to hear what you think of this piece, or any of the other recent paper anniversary creations I've posted.

If you have an anniversary (or any other special occasion) coming up that you'd like my help with, send me a note. I make a great accomplice!