Valentine’s Day Collection

I created this collection of crepe paper flowers in hopes of inspiring and encouraging everyone to spread a little more love this year. Not just because there's a day on the calendar coming up that says that's what we're supposed to do. And not just for that one particular person we call our significant other—but to the people in our lives who may need a little pick me up. To the friends and family who know they are loved but might not always hear it. Heck—to yourself because you're awesome! 

Each of the sets I've created come in four different sizes so you can send as many Valentines as you see fit. Don't see the perfect match here? Send me a note, and we'll see what we can do to fix that.

My wish is that these blooms brighten your day—and the days of your loved ones—for years to come! 

The Collection includes:

  • Peach: A soft mix of white, ivory, soft pink, and peach crepe paper Juliet garden roses, dahlias, and roses. 

  • Diamonds & Pearls: Big, fluffy, blush-colored peonies. 

  • Rasberry Beret: Bright and cheery hot pink crepe paper peonies.

  • Purple Rain: A vibrant and exotic mix of fuchsia and purple ranunculus, peonies, dianthus, carnations, and roses.

  • Little Red Corvette: The classic long-stem red rose.