The Aloha Rose

I absolutely love custom orders for two reasons: 1) I usually get to try something new, and 2) I often get a wonderful story about the reason why the gift is being ordered or about the person it's being ordered for. In this case, both were true. 

This photo of a very special rose—called an Aloha Rose—was sent to me by a former classmate who wanted to know if I could remake the bloom for her mother as a Christmas surprise. It was her mother's favorite flower and holds a special meaning. I loved the story she told me, and I found the rose to be absolutely stunning. 

It took me a few tries to get this one right, but I think I managed to get pretty close! Here's a side-by-side of what I used for my reference, and the final product. I added three buds (to represent each of her grandchildren!) and the rest is history! 

Aloha Rose

(photo sent from client)


(final study sent to client for approval)