The Women Whose Names I’ve Borrowed this Mother’s Day

Naming collections is a challenge. Over the years, I've borrowed many names from the female role models and friends in my life. My first Mother's Day collection revealed my favorite sitcom Moms—like Beverly Goldberg, Sophia Petrillo, Mona Robinson, and Edna Garrett. A Valentine's Day collection highlighted my favorite musicians. And last year I recognized my own Mom, my Grandmothers, and the many great Moms in my life.

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Virginia This Morning!

I just returned from a little field trip down to the WTVR CBS6 studios here in Richmond, where I was honored to be a guest on Virginia This Morning. This was my first appearance on TV where I wasn’t playing basketball and ran a real risk of accidentally swearing on live TV. So all things considered, I think it went beyond great!

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