A wildflower study

Just before the fourth my friend Amanda, who owns and runs Hummingbird Gardens, announced that she had an extra large harvest for her weekly deliveries. Being that I'm continually inspired by what she's growing (I actually used her photos as a reference for my cosmos!), I arranged to get one of her gorgeous buckets of flowers that week. 

A client gift with corporate spirit

Through my career as a designer, I've had the opportunity to meet many impressive and ambitious entrepreneurs. None have ever impressed me as much as Christina Dick, owner of TFB Agency, a social media and public relations strategy company here in Richmond. She takes the concept of drive to a whole new level! 

40th Birthday Gift

This custom order had been arranged well ahead of schedule, so I was excited to get to work on it after I returned from my vacation in May. After hanging out with my childhood best friends and celebrating our impending 40th birthdays, I also realized that this gift is putting all of the birthday gifts I've given to shame! Talk about a real show-stopper! 

The Paper Anniversary

Right before Mother's Day, I got an email from a friend of mine about a custom order. She and her wife were about to celebrate their first anniversary and she wanted to know if I had any flowers, or if I could make something similar to the flowers they had in their bouquets. "I'm sure you know that the traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, so I thought this would be perfect.", she wrote. Well, I have to admit, up until this point I had never put these pieces together. I sure am glad that Caroline did, because she's right—this is a brilliant gift idea! 

Richmond Bride

A few weeks ago I had a lovely chat with an editor at Richmond Magazine who was nice enough to write a little blurb about Paper Rose in the current issue of Richmond Bride. Issues are available with Richmond Magazine subscriptions or on newsstands now! 

Mother's Day Collection 2017

For month's I've been thinking about what I wanted to do for this collection. Mother's Day is an excellent occasion to send flowers—and paired with the time of year when it seems like everything is coming into bloom—it's the perfect storm of inspiration.

The Spring Collection

For this collection, I focused on flowers that come and go pretty quickly this time of year (if you can get your hands on them at all) and the fresh pops of color we're all longing for after a dull gray winter.

Awl Snap + Paper Rose

Upon realizing our booths would be next to each other at a local market, my pal Erin of Awl Snap joked that she should make some vases—and with that, an idea was born! A week later I hauled a few buckets of flowers down to her studio and distracted her while she worked away on what are now my go-to containers for any and all arrangements. 

If you want to learn more about Awl Snap and the beautiful leather goods she creates, hop over to her site—after you check out! 

The Knot DC, Maryland & Virginia write-up!

I'm extremely honored to be included in The Knot's DC, Maryland & Virginia's Spring/Summer 2017 issue. You can check out the entire issue online here, and look for the piece about Paper Rose under the Local Lowdown on page 204! Not bad for my first official piece of press! 

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Valentine's Day Collection

I created this collection of crepe paper flowers in hopes of inspiring and encouraging everyone to spread a little more love this year. Not just because there's a day on the calendar coming up that says that's what we're supposed to do. And not just for that one particular person we call our significant other—but to the people in our lives who may need a little pick me up. To the friends and family who know they are loved but might not always hear it. Heck—to yourself because you're awesome! 

The Aloha Rose

I absolutely love custom orders for two reasons: 1) I usually get to try something new, and 2) I often get a wonderful story about the reason why the gift is being ordered or about the person it's being ordered for. In this case, both were true. 

A collection for fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Its arrival always brings me back to my teenage years growing up in State College, PA—apple picking, football games, high school dances, John Cusack… movies. It might be wishful thinking (or old age), but nothing brings me back to that time in my life like a good John Hughes movie and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. 

Welcoming fall

I have a peony problem—we all do, it's ok. Peonies are the heart eyes emoji of the flower world. That said after I put together my first collection of arrangements I realized I needed to branch out (that wasn't an intentional pun, but I'm leaving it).  

Naming collection #1

I love a good playlist. By that, I mean I love a good playlist that's utterly embarrassing and makes me sing along to the shock and horror of anyone in a 5-mile radius. So, when I was trying to come up with a system to name my first collection of arrangements it dawned on me to look to my playlists for some inspiration. I'm also going to blame Stranger Things for that. At any rate, in case you were wondering who these pieces were named after I figured I'd share this little gem. Enjoy! 

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Why paper flowers? 

A week ago I met with a friend and mentor about some projects I’m working on for my “real job.” Towards the end of our conversation, I happened to mention that I’d been spending some of my time working on a collection of paper flowers. “Do you have any photos?” he asked, unsure as to what I was even talking about. The minute I handed him my phone and saw his expression, my attitude, and my energy totally changed.

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