Lisianthus study, Volume 2


Earlier this spring I conducted my first study with Lisianthus, and I fell in love. What's not to love? Bunches of Lisianthus are full of adorable trumpet-like buds and gorgeous blooms that I feel are a perfect cross between a rose and a tulip. Best yet—they seem to last for weeks in a vase! Whenever I see these at the market, I always pick them up. The problem with that is that they're only around for a short time during the year (or at least, they should be). Sounds like a perfect candidate for paper, right? 

Paper Rose Lisianthus Study 1
Paper Rose Co. Lisianthus Close Up
Paper Rose Co. Lisianthus Buds Close Up

My absolute favorite part of the Lisianthus is the way they bloom—they're like little tiny umbrellas opening! Their petals tightly twist into their buds, and they more or less unravel rather than bloom. I tried to capture that effect in this last study by including a few versions mid-opening.

Unfortunately, I didn't time my photographs well for this study, but hopefully, you see the similarities. The mauvy-purplish/dusty rose hue is spot on, and the bud attached to my bloom was opening in a beautiful cream—so I embraced that fun little detail too. 

I've used Lisianthus in a few custom orders, and now I'm wondering why I didn't work it into my fall collection? Next time! Until then, this piece is up in my Studies—grab it while you can!