A study in minimalism

I'm not a huge fan of lilies—I have a fight or flight response to their fragrance, and because of that, I avoid them at all costs. Calla lilies have always intrigued me, but by association, I never pay them much attention. A custom order I'm working on called for a few, and once I dug in, I realized the fun I could have with their clean lines and a blank canvas. 

I accented these pure white beauties with a moss green pan pastel—a medium I typically reserve for more subtle color changes. Used here, on the pure white doublette, it creates a beautiful springtime glow that truly tricks the eye into thinking these have just recently bloomed. 

While these blooms seem pretty simple, they took a decent amount of practice and maneuvering to get the right size and shape of the petal to curve and curl the right way. There were a lot more failures than successes—and that's always the way it is with things that look like they'll be easy! 

This minimalist set of lilies is available now under Studies—I think they'd look perfect on a side table or nightstand, or on a clean-lined dining table. So sleek! 

I'll also be adding the custom order that includes these calla lilies as soon as that piece has been gifted—I can't wait to share how they look incorporated into this arrangement! I'm not ruling them out anymore, that's for sure!