Mother’s Day Collection 2017


For month's I've been thinking about what I wanted to do for this collection. Mother's Day is an excellent occasion to send flowers—and paired with the time of year when it seems like everything is coming into bloom—it's the perfect storm of inspiration.


Instead of letting my imagination get overrun with ideas and too many choices, I focused on creating a set of arrangements that are more than anything—gift-able! 

That's why I've created a set of gifts that are pre-arranged and contained within easily shippable and versatile to display vessles. When it arrives, there's no extra work—just take it out of the box and enjoy! 

For those of you who want to show off your creativity, I've added a few more pieces to the capsule collection, just for the occasion. This way you can mix and match pieces together for the perfect gift. Add a vase and make it extra easy! 

These are gifts that Moms (or anyone, really) will get to enjoy for years, not days. So no matter what you pick out, they're going to love it!