Holiday… Celebrate!


I'm not sure why I have this particular Madonna song stuck in my head, but it's better than the alternative—actual Christmas music in November. Nevertheless, the day is here, and it is a reason to celebrate—I'm happy to reveal the Winter/Holiday Collection!!

I feel like it should be an exaggeration to say I've been working on this collection for months, but looking back, it's an accurate statement. Some of these pieces have been waiting to debut since September, and others were last-minute additions I put the finishing touches on just last weekend. By taking a little extra time, I've edited the choices down to a well-planned selection of extraordinary gifts. 

My goal was to give unique options that embrace the season but would blend in throughout the year. You'll still find a few pops of red, but I also made use of lots of neutral colors, winter foliage, and am introducing some phenomenal new blooms!


Here's a roundup of some of the items you'll find in the Winter/Holiday lineup. There are four arrangements, two specialty blooms—an Amaryllis and the return of the Magnolia bloom—and I even added two styles of wreaths. Something for everyone!

Some of my favorite pieces are new paperwhites, pinecones, the Duchesse De Nemours peony, what I'm calling candy cane carnations, and of course roses: a new dusty lavender beauty, the petite Dresden Doll and the Lenten rose—a variety of hellebore that's also known as the Christmas rose. I worked hard to stick with blooms that were in season, but I couldn't resist adding another dahlia into the mix—what better way to use #allthereds! 

Since these pieces are so detailed and we're up against a pretty strict delivery window, I'm capping the quantities on everything. This includes the perennial collection. I may bring a few things back after the holidays, but if you know you want to send anything you see as a gift, buy it sooner than later. 

To make it as easy as possible, I've set up a gift guide that outlines all of the possible options available to ship before the holidays. I hope you find it helpful! 

Also making its debut with today is a whole new category of products for Paper Rose Co.: Plants! I made a few of these for a market in October, and they were a hit. I thought they'd make great gifts, so I have a handful available, and I'm planning on adding more varieties as time goes on. 


And finally, as promised, Erin has restocked the Oxblood vases, and we've added a brand new color for the season: Olive Green. I love the leather on this particular vase. It's exceptionally soft and satiny, and the color works beautifully with everything. It's a perfect addition! 


I'd love to know what you think of the collection, hear what your favorite piece is, or know what you'd like to see more of in the future! Leave a comment or drop me a note here

Happy holiday shopping!!!