A collaborative housewarming gift

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Kelly—one of my awesome former co-workers from the agency I mentioned last week—messaged me asking if I'd be able to help her with a housewarming gift for her Mom. She recently moved to Richmond and has been busy decorating her gorgeous new home. Kelly sent me a photo and told me a little bit about her Mom's style which is entirely cozy with warm neutrals like linen, rich browns, black, and a touch of turquoise.

At first, I have to admit I was a little stumped—this definitely wasn't a typical palette request! I could think of a million colors that would complement these, but I wanted to come up with something that would be unique and truly tie into her design. 

So while Kelly took a spin through my gallery to see what she thought her Mom would like, I went through my collection of crepe paper to see what I thought I could match. 

The first thing that caught my attention were a few thistle that I had set aside for a Brittany I was shipping out. The pastels I used to shade the greenery give off a turquoise tone (and they're a fun pop of texture I love adding into arrangements). I also found a couple of rolls of blue/green crepe I typically reserve for greenery and decided they'd make excellent succulents. 

At the same time, Kelly flagged Dahlias, cosmos, and my greenery as being some options she liked. Instead of cosmos, I suggested anemone to bring in the black and white. With a variety of greenery and foliage, the simplicity of white and ivory florals seemed to make sense, so I opted for one big neutral dahlia to round it out. Now things were starting to come together! 

I assembled the final piece in a shallow wooden box that she could place on a coffee table or entry table and enjoy without taking up a ton of space.

I love all of the fun texture and surprises in this arrangement! It works perfectly in her new home and is hopefully something she can enjoy for years to come. 

With the holidays quickly approaching I'm already lining up a few custom orders like this one—which makes me one happy camper! If you have a project idea you'd like my help with, fill out this form

Thanks to Kelly (and Mom!) for the fun project and for sharing your photos with me! 

A photo from Kelly's Mom!

A photo from Kelly's Mom!