Ivory Peonies

Ivory Peonies


A neutral take on everyone’s favorite paper peonies

I received more than one bribe from spouses and potential suitors trying to convince me to make more of these after they sold out before Valentine's Day. So rather than become a seedy, dark-alley peony dealer, I figure I'll just make them a permanent thing around here instead!

This listing includes:

  • 2 loosely-opened peony blooms in a blend of white, ivory, and cream

  • 1 semi-bloomed peony in a blend of white, ivory, and cream

  • 1 large peony bud in varying shades of white and green with hand-painted details

  • 2 stems of peony leaves in an olive green hue

I make each Paper Rose Co. arrangement by hand. Yes—this means that every single petal has been cut, stretched, shaped, and molded into to these lifelike blooms by a real human being! Like in nature, no two flowers will ever be the same. While I do my best to match every piece to the items photographed, some slight variations may occur. (And personally, I think that makes them even better!)

  • Arrangements are not available for customization.

  • Flowers ship bundled in tissue and heavyweight wrapping paper.

  • This listing does not include the vessel shown in photos.

  • This item is made-to-order. Please allow up to 7 days for production.

Product Dimensions

  • Largest bloom: 5-6” diameter

  • Stems: 10–14” high

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I partnered with Richmond, VA designer, Awl Snap, to create one-of-a-kind leather-wrapped glass vases. 

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