Sam & Kimberly’s Bountiful Bouquet of Spring Blooms

Paper Rose Co Wedding Bouquet Recreation Sam

Last summer I got to work on this gorgeous bright bouquet recreation for Sam to give to his wife, Kimberly, to celebrate their first anniversary. It was one of the most unique assortments of flowers I've gotten to work on to date!

What initially captured my attention were the bright pink peonies and crisp coral poppies, but those gave way to the other gems tucked inside: poppy pods, stock, snapdragons, yarrow, and tons and tons of greenery.

Sam and I selected an assortment of blooms to focus on, creating a colorful tribute to his bride's original mix without breaking the bank. My favorite thing about the final roundup is the amount of texture and variety we were able to achieve. What a lovely gift!

Before & After Photos

Paper Rose Co Wedding Bouquet Recreation Sam Comparison

the fun details

Per usual, if you’re interested in having me make a wedding bouquet replica of your own, head over to this page.