A client gift with corporate spirit


Through my career as a designer, I've had the opportunity to meet many impressive and ambitious entrepreneurs. None have ever impressed me as much as Christina Dick, owner of TFB Agency, a social media and public relations strategy company here in Richmond. She takes the concept of drive to a whole new level! 

As an avid supporter of Paper Rose Co. from day one, Christina came to me with the idea of creating custom arrangements for her newly-signed clients, or to mark special occasions with clients that she's been working with on a long-term basis. I love this idea because as someone who will forever think in terms of branding, this gives Christina the opportunity to deliver a gift that will also provide her clients with long term opportunity. 

One of the first pieces we worked on together was for EVB and their P.O.W.E.R. (Potential of Women Entrepreneurs Realized) program. (evbpower.com) Their purple branding is unmistakable, so we needed to make sure we created a piece that would proudly represent the brand. In the end, I sourced four shades of purple to create this arrangement of roses—resulting in a classic yet bold piece that they have been proud to display not only in their corporate office but also on the road at events.

Here's what Christina had to say about her choice to design custom arrangements for her clients:

Paper Rose has been the perfect client gift. It's so easy to order and it's unique and doesn't feel generic. I love that I can customize something to each person and their brand, and that they'll be able to enjoy it for years to come."

If you or your company have ideas for client gifts that you'd like to chat with me about, fill out this form. I love a good challenge!