Katie & Leo’s Paperversary Reveal


As I'm wrapping up my last two anniversary bouquets of the year this week, I realized I never got around to sharing Leo's gift to Katie! 

If you've been following along with me, you're not going to be at all surprised that this piece was a dream come true—100% roses! Talk about heaven! 

The varying shades of the roses in Katie's original bridal bouquet were quite subtle (at least in the photographs), but short of hand-coloring every rose—which I feared would get muddy in the long run—I stuck with my palette. The result is a bit more colorful, but this way in case the colors fade over the years, they'll still be noticeably unique. I also like that this gave the roses different textures and added more character. 

Both Leo and Katie wrote me notes saying how much they loved the bouquet, so I'm pretty sure I made the right design decision! Here are a few more photos so you can decide for yourself. 

Katie & Leo's Paper Anniversary Bouquet Comparison Paper Rose Co.

Katie & Leo's Paper Anniversary Bouquet Comparison Paper Rose Co.

I'm all booked for custom orders for the rest of the year, but I'm already taking orders for 2018 Paperversaries and anniversary bouquets for Valentine's Day! If you'd like to get an order scheduled, please send me a note!