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Who is Paper Rose Co.?

Let's skip the formality (and the awkward third person), my name is Carrie Walters—and I am Paper Rose. I hand make and design each element of what goes into the arrangements you'll find on these pages. 

For the past decade, I've run a design studio and kept busy developing brands for clients. It's a stressful way of life so to manage that stress and to try to get away from my computer, I've picked up many hobbies. As a graphic designer, paper has always been my go-to tool, so when I stumbled up a Martha Stewart Crafts kit 8 or 9 years ago, I knew I'd found the perfect creative outlet. 

Since then I've been making my favorite blooms out of paper and gifting them to friends and family whenever I felt they were presentable enough to share. After many requests to buy these creations, it occurred to me that I should turn this interest into more than a hobby. So, as a supplement to my branding business, Carrie Ink, and the other products I design at Blunt Objects, I launched Paper Rose Co. as a space to make botanical gifts for others to share and enjoy. (And now my middle name—Rose—is finally getting some use!)

Photo by Marcella Lee for 804ork

Photo by Marcella Lee for 804ork

Style & Quality

Long before I started making paper blooms, I looked to flowers for inspiration. They are the perfect resource when working with color palettes, seasonal color theory, patterns, and texture. 

I source real flowers and dissect them to decipher the best ways to go about recreating their blooms out of paper. When the selection at my market is lacking, I turn to books, magazines, and floral designers whom I admire for inspiration. 

You will never find an unfinished stem or missing calyx when it comes to my blooms—I take pride in my extreme attention to detail and will not send out a piece that is less than what I consider perfect.

100% Handmade

All blooms are handcrafted using the highest quality Italian and German crepe paper. I enjoy the challenge of creating each part of a flower from paper but at times to truly capture the right tone or effect I also enhance that paper with watercolor, pastels, acrylic paint, or highly-concentrated inks.

When I began Paper Rose, I finished off arrangements with faux greenery. These days, I take pride in making every single element of an arrangement from paper. Yes, it takes more time and ultimately costs a little more, but I believe the end result is much more distinct and beautiful without any artificial elements.

For details on any of the materials I use, please contact me.


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