Discover the world of paper flowers and learn how to turn rolls of colorful crepe paper into tiny works of art!



It was more than ten years ago that I stumbled upon a kit for crepe paper roses. It looked easy enough with one sheet of instructions listing a few short steps. But photos don't always make sense and words leave room for a lot of misinterpretation.

Had I been sitting next to someone who could show me what to do, I would have been less frustrated, had more fun, and probably wouldn't have given up so quickly!

That’s why when I decided it was my time to start teaching, I knew I wanted to share my skills and techniques in person. 

So after years of requests for tutorials, videos, lessons, and kits, I'm excited to start offering hands-on workshops!



I asked my first group of students for their feedback on Paper Flowers 101, and here are some of the things they had to say!

For more background about why I decided to start teaching in-person workshops, check out this post.

Paper Rose Co. Hands-On Workshops