09.08.18 | Paper Flowers 101

09.08.18 | Paper Flowers 101


Proudly introducing my very first workshop!


Saturday, September 8th from 10am–2pm
at Common Room Studio in Alexandria, Virginia

In this beginner’s class, we’ll work through my trialed and tested methods for creating beautiful crepe paper flowers from start to finish.

What you’ll learn:

All about crepe! As soon as I found reliable suppliers for crepe paper I was like a kid in a candy store—I wanted to try it all. And I did! After years of experimenting, I’ll teach you about the different types of crepe paper, and you’ll experience their characteristics and benefits first-hand. My goal is that you’ll leave this class with a better understanding of these materials, and know what works best for you (without the expensive mistakes I made!).

What tools and supplies you really need. As an avid DIY-er, I tend to do a lot of “what can I do with this” buying at Michaels. While fun, it can lead to a lot more failures than successes. I’ll save you some time and provide an overview of my favorite tools, materials, and the little time-saving things I use every day.

The core techniques I use to bring items one and two together. Even after many years of practice and experimentation, there is a set number of techniques that remain the foundation for the majority of my work. Together we’ll walk through these essential methods for working with crepe.

How to work with templates. Together we’ll piece together our newfound love of crepe and scissors, and I’ll teach you how to create with a few basic templates I’ve developed specifically for this class. I plucked a few blooms from my repertoire that feature different weights of crepe paper and utilized the techniques covered in our last lesson. And since I hope that you’ll continue to add to the flowers you make long after our class ends—they also look lovely displayed together, or in large batches! With the supplies in your workshop kit, you’ll have plenty of leftover materials to continue making flowers and adding to your collection well after the class wraps.

What’s included:

A gorgeous starter kit with all of the materials and tools you need for the class and to get started making your first paper flowers. This includes a completed flower made by yours truly, to use as your model and as a reference, a healthy supply of my favorite crepe paper in multiple weights, my absolute favorite scissors, plus glue, stem wires, and plenty of extra supplies so you can keep making at home. I’m still working on sourcing a few more of my favorites, but this kit is already approaching $100 worth of materials and supplies. You do not want to miss it!

A workbook designed specifically for this class. You’ll receive a summary of the background information we’ll cover, a list of my favorite resources, and the templates and instructions for the flowers we’ll be making.

4 hours of hands-on instructional learning with me! (And if you don’t already know me, start here.) I’m keeping this class small so that everyone in the class will be able to ask questions, understand the techniques first hand, and learn by working side-by-side with me through lessons.

Light refreshments and snacks available throughout the workshop.

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More information about this workshop:

What you should bring:

  • An open mind. I don’t mean this in an earth mother/let’s hug kind of a way, but in the I want you to have fun and relax kind of a way. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I tend to get a little anxious when I’m trying new things. Your first few paper flowers might look really weird—mine did! I still fail miserably when I’m trying to figure out new blooms. It’s ok. This is a no judgment workshop. 

  • Flexibility. Along these same lines, this art form is not a speedy one. My goal is for us to finish all three templates together, but depending on everyone’s speed and ability, we may not have time to complete every step. 

  • An apron. (optional) As this is a beginner’s class, we won’t get getting into painting or inking techniques, but we will be working with glue. The adhesive I use and recommend is water-soluble, but sometimes it’s just easier to use an apron. If you have one you like to use for crafts, bring it along!

Workshop Policies:

  • Workshop fees are non-refundable and class dates are not interchangeable. 
  • Workshop materials are for class participants only. I kindly ask that you do not copy or redistribute these items. 
  • For more detail on these terms, visit Workshop Policies


I wrote a long post answering some anticipated questions, along with more background on why I decided to start teaching workshops in the first place. If you still have questions, please reach out here.

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