Awl Snap + Paper Rose Bud Vase

Awl Snap + Paper Rose Bud Vase


The classic bud vase, updated for fall!  

These glass vases are wrapped in genuine leather and hand-stitched by the one-and-only Erin of Awl Snap. This particular vase excels at showcasing blooms without taking up a lot of real estate. 

New colors!

A gorgeous pale peachy blush, a deep luxurious oxblood (dark burgundy), and the perfect caramel-brown. 

Product Details

  • 100% leather

  • Hand-stitched detailing with pink cord

  • Awl Snap & Paper Rose stamp detail in metallic rose gold (Blind-embossing on Peach leather option)

Product Dimensions

  • Vase: 7.5" tall x 1.75" diameter 

  • Leather wrap: 4.5” tall 

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