Study #14: Spring's Promise Camellia

Study #14: Spring's Promise Camellia


An assortment of crepe paper Camellia clippings

Camellia's have been on my list for ages. I made a few blooms to see if I could add them to this piece but found myself fighting their twiggy branches in the final arrangement. Rather than working against their nature, I decided to embrace it and added more stems and more leaves… and then a few more buds and a few more stems. Before I knew it these blooms were stars on their own—especially paired with this vase from my collection. I guarantee camellias will be making another appearance in the spring, but they won't be quite this special! 

This piece includes: 

  • 5 separate branches

  • 3 camellia blooms in a combination of fuschia and red 

  • 6 unopened buds with hints of rose and bright pink peeking through

  • 26 individual leaves

  • 2-piece blue and white ceramic flower frog vase (top has 9 individual holes to hold stems, this piece came from a consignment shop so I don't have many details about it!)

Product Dimensions:

  • Blooms: 3” wide

  • Tallest Stem: 16" high

  • Vase: 9.5" high x 4" wide x 4" deep

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