Study #13: Lisianthus

Study #13: Lisianthus


A fresh-picked crop of paper Lisianthus

Earlier this spring I conducted my first study with Lisianthus, and I fell in love. With its rose-like blooms and trumpeting buds—what's not to love! I couldn't (and still can't) part with that piece, so when a custom order called for Lisianthus this week, I took advantage of the opportunity to make another batch!

For more information about this study, check out the blog!

This piece includes: 

  • 2 fully-opened Lisianthus blooms made with lightweight crepe in a dusty rose hue

  • 2 partially-opened buds in a cream hue

  • 3 unopened buds in a spring green hue with just a hint of rose peeking through

Product Dimensions:

  • Blooms: 3” wide

  • Tallest Stem: 12" high

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