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A green crepe paper houseplant

I modeled the original prototype of this plant after a tiny potted daisy I picked up at Trader Joes. I loved how bright and cheery the leaves looked on my desk even after it stopped blooming, but despite my best efforts, I killed it. So I made a paper version I wouldn't have to worry about! 

This item includes: 

  • 1 green plant made of German doublette crepe paper in a moss green/olive green combination

  • 1 plastic container (as displayed in photos) that lined with florist foam (for stability) and a layer of handmade crepe paper mulch or moss

I make each and every Paper Rose Co. plant by hand. Yes—this means that every single leaf has been cut, stretched, shaped, and molded into to these lifelike creations by a real human being! No two plants will ever be exactly the same. Personally, I think that makes them even better!

    • Plants are not available for customization.
    • It is possible to "transplant" the plant itself, or the entire base of the plant into another container of your choosing. 
    • Plants will ship wrapped in tissue paper and other protective material for safe delivery. 
    • This item is made-to-order, please allow up to 7 days for production. 

    Product Dimensions

    • Regular size: 10" high x 7" around

    • Mini size: 5" high x 5" around

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