Red Rose Mini Bundle

Red Rose Mini Bundle


A miniature bundle of paper blooms!

I whipped up a bunch of these cute little bundles for an event and have been meaning to list these last few ever since. Their cropped stems are playfully fixed into the papier-mâché ice cream cones for gifting (or keeping!), or you can pop them into a small bud vase.

This arrangement includes: 

  • 2 red roses

  • 1 red rose bud

  • 2 pieces of greenery in olive green hues

I make each Paper Rose Co. arrangement by hand. Yes—this means that every single petal has been cut, stretched, shaped, and molded into to these lifelike blooms by a real human being! No two arrangements, or blooms for that matter, will ever be the same. Personally, I think that makes them even better.

  • This item is pre-arranged and not available for customization.
  • Blooms are tied together and positioned in papier-mâché cone shown using florist foam.
  • This item is ready-to-ship!

Product Dimensions

  • Largest bloom: 3.5” diameter

  • Overall dimensions: 6" diameter x 8" tall

  • Cone: 2" diameter x 3.5" tall

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