PR-19001: Listing for Katie

PR-19001: Listing for Katie


Cheerful Arrangement for Colleague

This custom order includes:

  • 2 White Peony Blooms (Charlie’s White style)

  • 5 Rose Blooms (Hybrid Tea and Garden style) in hues of Pink, Yellow, Coral, Orange

  • 3 Rose Buds in hues of Pink, Yellow

  • 3 Mini Clusters of Hydrangea Petals, Lavender Stems or billy buttons

  • 5 Mixed Greenery (assorted crepe paper foliage stems to fill space and add texture)

  • 1 Decorative container filled with foam and crepe paper moss (approximately 6” diameter at largest point)


  • The production schedule is secured upon payment.

  • Estimated start date: Wednesday, January 9, 2018

  • Estimated ship date: Saturday, January 19, 2018


  • Stems will be arranged and secured using foam within vessel.

  • The vessel with arranged flowers will be wrapped and secured for safe shipping

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