Three Bloom Garden Rose Bundle

Three Bloom Garden Rose Bundle



Unfortunately, these arrangements were a big hit for Valentine's Day and are out of stock for the time-being! But don't worry! I'm planning on bringing them back for my spring collection. Sign up here to be notified as soon as they are back! 

A trio of crepe paper flowers

This arrangement contains 4 items including: 

  • 1 large Juliet garden rose made with a combination of lightweight Italian crepe paper and German doublette crepe paper in a blend of peach, ivory, and light pink hues

  • 2 assorted garden blooms such as dahlias, traditional roses, or garden roses, in white, cream, or peach hues
  • 1 piece of handmade greenery made with a lightweight Italian crepe paper in a deep green hue

Every Paper Rose arrangement is made using high-quality German and Italian crepe paper in varying weights and colors. Yes, this means that every single petal has been cut by hand and then stretched, shaped, and molded into to the lifelike blooms you see! The luxurious texture and vibrant nature of the crepe paper itself makes these flowers visually compelling, allergy-free, fragrance-free, and an environmentally-friendly alternative to fresh flowers.

Bundles are pre-arranged and not available for customization.
Each bundle comes wrapped in heavy-weight kraft paper.

Product Dimensions

  • Largest bloom: 4” diameter 

  • Stems: 8–12” high 

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Please Note: 

This listing does not include the vase shown in image gallery—that image is presented as a demonstration for a possible arrangement using one bundle.